A few days off for us

What a year, for us, 2022 just passed: we’ve introduced V, our new restaurant, characterizing it with lives of refined jazz music played by great international artists; presenting – during dinner – literary authors with interesting stories and experiences, in our new review, Dining with Authors.
We had an influx of guests that unprecedented, the best ever, wonderful. The whole world arrives in Valdobbiadene and falls in love with it; we do our best to welcome the public in the best possible way.

All reception team is very committed, really: a success! (And also very challenging... we are exhausted!)
This is why – from 6 to 19 January – we take a few days to recharge our batteries. 

You have been informed about it for a long time, but repetita iuvant! 
See ya!


Welcome to the heart of Prosecco

Welcome to Valdobbiadene