News in Valdobbiadene!

You know, at Hotel Diana, our main commitment is to offer you the best possible welcome, according to our possibilities. Every day we work hard to give kindness and cordiality in the reception, cleanliness, breakfast and dinner to guarantee a pleasant stay for each of our guests.

Starting today, to make your experience at Hotel Diana even more enjoyable, we are excited to introduce our new online quick check-in service. An incredibly simple, fast and secure system.

The best thing is that, once you arrive at the reception, you will no longer have to waste time on bureaucratic procedures.

How it works.

It's very easy: in the booking confirmation email you will receive, as always, the booking code ⓵ and a link to check-in ⓶.

A few minutes and you're done. Next time, give it a try! You'll see how simple and convenient it is!

Welcome to the heart of Prosecco

Welcome to Valdobbiadene